Child/Adolescent Psychological Evaluations

On-going psychological care is required for children receiving Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. has Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologists who are trained in CASSP principles and who conduct clinical interviews with children and family members in order to establish medical necessity for services and to make recommendations for the appropriate level of care for each referred child.

The psychological evaluation, as an initial step in the system of care, is child and family-centered and culturally sensitive. The needs of the family and the strengths of the child determine the types and mix of services recommended. The child's physical, emotional, educational, recreational, and developmental needs are reviewed as part of this evaluation.

Families are full participants in all aspects of the planning and subsequent delivery of services that is individualized to achieve a positive outcome for the child and the family in the least restrictive environment.

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Child/Adolescent Psychological Evaluations

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