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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is; but it is also one of the most honorable things we ever get to do. Parenting can draw desperation out of even the best of us, so it is no wonder that we get discouraged when the latest trend in parenting emerges, only to find out a year later that the experts were off base.

What is the REACH program?

BDI presents the REACH Program to help parents in the community become more effective. The REACH Program is specifically designed to help parents whose children struggle with emotional or behavioral difficulties. The program is geared toward meeting parents where they are in terms of their own learning process, and it teaches them the necessary skills to help guide their children down the best possible paths. The REACH Program is rooted in the Four Cs of Parenting and centers on using compassion to educate parents on the fundamental aspects of what healthy parenting is all about.

What is the Four Cs of Parenting?

The Four Cs of Parenting is simply age-old wisdom phrased in modern day language. When parents follow the Four Cs, both their lives and their children?s lives change for the better. The Four Cs are not difficult to understand, but at times they can be difficult to practice. Behavioral Dynamics, Inc offers ongoing weekly parenting classes so that you can have a solid understanding of how to actually apply the skills you will learn. In short, the Four Cs will help you gain control of your life, and they will put your children on a path to success.

The Four Cs of Parenting are: Choices, Consequences, Consistency, and Compassion. Parents who learn how and when to use the Four Cs have been found to have happier, healthier interactions with their children.

What makes the REACH Parenting Program different than other parenting programs?

At Behavioral Dynamics, Inc, we believe that no one is perfect, and we are not supposed to be perfect. All of us, parents included, are constantly learning. We teach with compassion and understanding; and we teach only the most practical, usable techniques.

Through the Four Cs, parents will learn how to teach their children to be better listeners without ever having to use corporal punishment. Stages of development, effects of parenting styles on child development, alternatives to spanking, and co-parenting strategies are all included within this class.

What does the class involve?

The parenting program is designed to be a one-hour, once a week, 16-week course with the benefit of

  • Individualized group experiences
  • Open enrollment
  • A 32-week curriculum (so parents who re-enter or stay in the course longer remain engaged and focused on learning)

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy. You may call, email, or stop by to schedule an intake appointment that works for you. To attend an intake you will need a picture identification and paperwork from the agency referring you (unless voluntary). During your intake, you will have an opportunity to discuss your specific situation and needs. As the classes are tailored to the participants in the group, this class is open to individuals, partners, and separated/divorced couples.

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